Mission and strategic goal of SPb ETU “LETI”
within the Priority 2030 Program

Mission of the University – ensure scientific and technological leadership of the industries in the core competence areas of the University through advanced research and development, education of engineering elite and sustainable personal development.

Strategic goal of the University – establish the core R&D base, where advanced research and development combined with engineering education contribute into the technological evolution and digital transformation of companies in the priority industries and regions. This effort is supported by the system-based synergetic integration of manpower, intellectual and corporate potentials of the University, its academic and industrial partners.

The University concentrates on the ambitious changes in three directions: research, markets, education.

  • Revolution in research is carried out by the key competences taught and learnt in the university; R&D laboratories established in the advanced research fields to meet demands of the ETU «LETI» core markets.

  • Revolution in markets is met by active participation in shaping interdisciplinary boundaries at the intersection of different industrial sectors and finding wider application areas for LETI’s expertise and advanced approaches (including technological foresight, design thinking, systemic engineering). In addition, it is the construction of perspective technological roadmaps for industries and companies.

  • Revolution in education is met by shaping new ways of thinking, creating hospitable academic environment and services, international knowledge exchanges, cooperation beyond borders, and, finally, conditions to attract and develop talented professionals.

SPb ETU “LETI” is planning to create experimental space to:

  • launch and scale best research practices;
  • interact with industries and institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • conduct advanced educational programs;
  • develop technological services to support startups, also as engineering centers;
  • perform business and information exchange activities with industrial partners (foresight sessions, presentations);
  • make and support change-driver teams.

Strategic Projects

New electronic components and devices for ultrafast and intelligent information systems

The goal of the strategic project is to develop a new battery to overcome the technological barrier caused by the achievement of the maximum technological and functional parameters of traditional silicon electronics, in order to create industrially oriented ultrafast intelligent trusted systems…

Project Team
Viktor Sheludko Rector of the University
Head of the Development Program
Mikhail Kupriyanov Head of Scientific and Educational Areas
Head of the Development Program
Sergey Tarasov Head of the Project Office of the University Development Programs



 ul. Professora Popova 5, 197022 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, build. Т